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Jonathan - Verified Buyer

Great company to deal with.
Prompt deliver and excellent products

Date: 25.11.2022
Jonathan - Verified Buyer

Superb quality, and taste excellent. highly recommended

Date: 25.11.2022 | Product - Cherries Covered with Cocoa Dusted Dark Chocolate
Mary - Verified Buyer
Date: 24.11.2022
Jennifer Creedon - Verified Buyer

Great selection of organic powders with great prices.

Date: 24.11.2022
Claire Bulmer - Verified Buyer

My 3rd year of ordering Milk Chocolate Brazils for my husband, 6kg each time. Service and delivery bang on every time. Produce quality cannot be faulted. Excellently priced. Happy customer, happy husband! Thank you.

Date: 24.11.2022
Michael - Verified Buyer

Superb quality every time. Only bad thing is when I open a bag, I just want to eat it all because it is so good and fresh. Easy purchase experience.

Date: 24.11.2022
Naira Cavichioli - Verified Buyer
Date: 23.11.2022 | Product - Erythritol Sweetener
Naira Cavichioli - Verified Buyer
Date: 23.11.2022 | Product - Organic Coconut Milk Powder
Naira Cavichioli - Verified Buyer
Date: 23.11.2022 | Product - Whole Almonds (Raw, Shelled)
Ken - Verified Buyer

This product I absolutely excellent ,I take a spoonful everyday in a drink or protein shake ,after a month or so I could really feel the difference, better mood way more energy throughout the day ,more alert ,skin looks great also .I could not say enough good things about this product.wish I'd know about it sooner.

Date: 23.11.2022 | Product - Organic Mushroom Blend Powder
Sharon Byrne - Verified Buyer

Great product, freat value

Date: 21.11.2022
Stefanie Prizeman Heatley - Verified Buyer

Great value. Great product, Packaged well but delivery takes 7-10 days

Date: 21.11.2022 | Product - Odourless/Refined Coconut Oil 1 L
Stefanie Prizeman Heatley - Verified Buyer

Great product, good quality however you need to place your orders a good 2 weeks in advance as delivery can take 7-10 days.

Date: 21.11.2022 | Product - Organic Cashew Butter (100% Nuts)
Eileen Kelleher - Verified Buyer

Delighted with my purchase. Delivery was very efficient. Thanks.

Date: 18.11.2022
Margrit Sieber - Verified Buyer

Good value for money!

Date: 15.11.2022
Kevin Leefarr - Verified Buyer

Very pleased with the order. Delivery was a bit slow. Otherwise 10/10.

Date: 13.11.2022
Javier - Verified Buyer

Full of flavor. Excellent product.

Date: 12.11.2022 | Product - Natural Sun-dried Apricots Unsulphured
Javier - Verified Buyer

Very nice almond butter, 100% almond. Excellent product.

Date: 12.11.2022 | Product - Almond Butter (100% Nuts)
Javier - Verified Buyer

Nice dates.

Date: 12.11.2022 | Product - Medjool Dates
Javier - Verified Buyer

Average. You can get the same quality in Tesco's at a lower price.

Date: 12.11.2022 | Product - Dried Mango Strips