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Eamonn Oduibhgeannain - Verified Buyer

high quality.
I wish they had organic powdered strawberries though

Date: 28.06.2022
Rosaria Piseri - Verified Buyer
Date: 27.06.2022 | Product - Blanched Whole Hazelnuts
Terry Owens - Verified Buyer

Great service, great selection of products, would recommend

Date: 27.06.2022
Cristina - Verified Buyer

Good quality products, very reasonable prices.

Date: 27.06.2022
Ruthe Allen - Verified Buyer

Good quality items, promptly despatched - highly recommended

Date: 26.06.2022
Robert Wilson Thomas - Verified Buyer
Date: 26.06.2022 | Product - Dried Papaya Strips
Robert Wilson Thomas - Verified Buyer
Date: 26.06.2022 | Product - Organic Coconut Oil Extra Virgin (500ml)
Robert Wilson Thomas - Verified Buyer
Date: 26.06.2022 | Product - Ground Turmeric (Powder)
Robert Wilson Thomas - Verified Buyer
Date: 26.06.2022 | Product - Raisins Golden Jumbo
Robert Wilson Thomas - Verified Buyer
Date: 26.06.2022 | Product - Pecan Pieces
Paul - Verified Buyer
Date: 26.06.2022
Tara - Verified Buyer

Nuts in bulk Dark chocolate granola is amazing. Delicious.

Date: 25.06.2022 | Product - Crunchy Granola Oats & Dark Chocolate
Laura - Verified Buyer

I really like these Loki Nougat Bars, they are great for a healthy filling snack to go, nice crispy wafer on both flanks of the Nougat Bar

Date: 23.06.2022 | Product - Almonds Nougat
Laura - Verified Buyer

1 kg of Hazelnuts with their skins on

Good quality Hazelnuts in a handy resealable Doypack / pouch
Great for health snacking

Date: 23.06.2022 | Product - Organic Hazelnuts (Whole, Skin On)
Laura - Verified Buyer

The Hazelnut Butter is Tops - Very rich and full of goodness

I dont feel hungry after having a few big spoonfuls of the Hazelnut Butter, and it seems to produce a calming effect on the body and mind

Very pleased with the 3kg size as well, because it is packaged in a handy, white, oblong tub, with a swing handle

Date: 23.06.2022 | Product - Hazelnut Butter (100% Nuts)
Abdul Ali Hassan - Verified Buyer

Quality products, Prices are reasonable, staff are friendly over the phone, goods are shipped out within 4-5 working days as promised. I would highly recommend if you are buying in bulk.

Date: 23.06.2022
Annemarie Quinn - Verified Buyer

Nice level of chilli flavouring. Very tasty snack

Date: 22.06.2022 | Product - Chili Roasted Cashews Nuts
Annemarie Quinn - Verified Buyer

Great tasting. Full of flavour.

Date: 22.06.2022 | Product - Dried Mango Strips
Adam - Verified Buyer

Raw is so much tastier. They are disappearing fast from the jar!

Date: 22.06.2022 | Product - Organic Raw Whole Cashew Nuts
Caroline - Verified Buyer

Ordered the wrong thing but mistakes sometimes turn out to be a great experience made the most delightful mouth watering cake

Date: 20.06.2022 | Product - Organic Banana Flour