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Deeno Jacob - Verified Buyer

I made a small bulk order for the household use. Delivered in 24 hrs,best quality and better packaging than most of store bought ones.Highly recommended.

Date: 18.06.2019
Ross - Verified Buyer

Incredible dates - great quality. I've bought them multiple times and the standard does not drop

Date: 12.06.2019 | Product - Medjool Dates
Adam Riches - Verified Buyer

Great mixture of nuts and seeds. There is an amazing variety provided, far more than expected. The fact that there are nuts, seeds and dried fruits mean there is a big variety of size and that you can pack a small pot full with them.

Date: 06.06.2019 | Product - Mixed Nuts, Berries & Seeds
Ana - Verified Buyer

Absolutely delicious and perfect consistency, very easy to spread, use for sauces and baking.

Date: 09.05.2019 | Product - Hazelnuts Butter (100% Nuts)
Sheila - Verified Buyer

Absolutely delicious, really good value.

Date: 30.04.2019 | Product - Medjool Dates
Caitriona - Verified Buyer

Great service, arrives next day usually. Easy website to use.

Date: 29.04.2019
Naoise Holmes - Verified Buyer

Hi there, I would like to buy dates with every order but not Israeli origin dates for political reasons. Would be great to see non Israeli dates on the site.

Date: 28.04.2019 | Product - Medjool Dates
Heather Stribblehill - Verified Buyer

Even with the post and packing Nuts in Bulk are cheaper than another supplier. However, it would be nice to have free delivery on larger orders. Good selection of products.

Date: 26.04.2019
Jacinta - Verified Buyer

Prompt service and products always come in great condition
Would like the company move to a paper bag instead of plastic pouches
and no bubblewrap to be used

Date: 25.04.2019
Caroline Visser - Verified Buyer

Totally love nuts in bulk, and been a costumer for some time complains...only one improvement suggestion....please try not to use plastic....I think nuts will do fine in paper...and butters will even taste better in glass....
Besides that I am totally happy....

Date: 19.04.2019
Rachel - Verified Buyer

Always fresh and such a fantastic price. Definitely recommend.

Date: 11.04.2019 | Product - Roasted Salted Almonds (Whole)
Rachel - Verified Buyer

Been purchasing Walnuts in Shells, Hazelnuts in Shells and Almonds in Shells. Well packed, very fresh and the squirrels absolutely adore them. Have asked for these to be plastic free and they have advised they are trying to do this which is amazing of them. Always quick communication and super helpful. Best prices too. Will continue to use this stockist.

Date: 11.04.2019